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#StillServing: The VFW Podcast

Feb 23, 2022

February is a significant month when it comes to black history. The 13th amendment, which abolished slavery, was passed by the House of Representatives on January 31, 1865, and the following day President Lincoln approved a joint resolution of congress submitting it to the state legislature for ratification. Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass’s birthdays are also in February. It's no wonder that the second week of February was chosen as National Negro History week back in 1926. Other important dates like the founding of the NAACP on Feb 12th, 1909 was the centennial anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln.


Host Rob Couture speaks with George Pettigrew, Executive VP/Historian for the Alexander/Madison Chapter of the KC Buffalo Soldier, who shares not well-known stories of African-Americans in American history. George shares the robust and detailed research accomplishments of his mother, the stories of Medal of Honor recipients from some of our nation's earliest wars, and how the military has influenced social change in North America.

George Pettigrew, Executive VP/Historian for the Alexander/Madison Chapter of the KC Buffalo Soldier


  • George is a Navy vet who was the first pilot on a hydrofoil gunboat. [4:16]


  • As a Subject Matter Expert on the Buffalo Soldiers, George is continuing his mother’s legacy. [8:18]


  • Looking back at the history of the Buffalo Soldiers and the unexpected actions that earned them Congressional Medals of Honor. [16:17]


  • Black History month puts focus on people and events but more appropriately it should be considered American history. [23:12]


  • Honoring Buffalo Soldiers and remembering the life and career of Colin Powell. [29:34]


  • George shares the history of the first pre-colony of African-Americans on the North American continent. [41:16]


  • The military has been the leader in social change in the U.S. and the need for all Americans to communicate with veterans and ask about their stories. [45:07]

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