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#StillServing: The VFW Podcast

Mar 28, 2023

Welcome to the new season of the VFW podcast. The new season will spotlight the recent changes within the veteran community from new initiatives to books being released to new laws that have been passed and updates to benefits.


Host Rob Couture is pleased to welcome back David Bellavia to the podcast. David is a Medal of Honor recipient from the Iraq War. Since the last time he was on the show he released his new book, Remember the Ramrods: An Army Brotherhood in War and Peace. In this book, he talks about his brothers-in-arms. The ones he served with over in Iraq, and how the medal of honor brought them all together.

David Bellavia, Medal of Honor Recipient — Operation Iraqi Freedom:


  • [4:35] Remember the Ramrods: An Army Brotherhood in War and Peace is David’s second book and the second part of his House to House story.


  • [12:01] In his book, David reflects on the feelings he compartmentalized after returning from his tour of service.


  • [16:43] David shares his thoughts on service members running for political office and the importance of continuing to serve the country.


  • [21:56] Medal of Honor winners are often applauded, but as a tribe, Gold Star and Purple Heart recipients deserve the highest level of respect from all.


  • [40:11] David’s advice for those thinking about writing a book.


  • [44:03] David’s thoughts on brotherhood when thinking about veterans for Veterans Day.


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Remember the Ramrods: An Army Brotherhood in War and Peace, by David Bellavia

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