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#StillServing: The VFW Podcast

Feb 2, 2022

Everyone wants to operate at their top level of mental, emotional, and physical performance. Often, when service members leave the military, many believe they won’t ever be at the top of their game again but that is not true. So, if now is the time of year when your New Year’s resolution is going by the wayside, starting to slip through the cracks, or maybe even forgotten about altogether, here is some inspiration to help you get back after it.


Host Rob Couture speaks with three soldier Olympians from the Army World Class Athlete Program who are representing Team USA in the bobsled event at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. Then, CEO and Founder of the Fit-Ops Foundation and Founder of the University of Health and Performance, Matt Hesse shares how his organization and the University are helping veterans get to the starting line of a career in the fitness industry. Matt shares what motivated him to create his veteran-focused organization and how veterans benefit from it. This is great information, especially for those who want to get their foot in the door of a new wellness-centered career.


LTC Garrett Hines, Push Coach for Bobsled & Skeleton Teams SGT Shauna Rohbock, Assistant Coach, Bobsled Teams SPC Frank Del Duca, Athlete-Pilot, Bobsled Teams


  • LTC Hines, SGT Rohbock, and SPC Del Duca describe their roles on the Olympic team and how they transitioned from track and field into bobsledding. [2:41]


  • SGT Rohbock describes what it is like to coach the men and women as one of only two woman coaches in the sport of sledding. [10:48]


  • LTC Hines talks about what it feels like to represent the USA on the world stage. [11:56]


  • LTC Hines and SGT Rohbock explain what it feels like to be standing on the podium with a silver medal. [13:50]


  • Parting thoughts about the U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program. [20:46]


Matt Hesse, CEO, and Founder of the FitOps Foundation and the University of Health and Performance


  • With the intention of helping people grow stronger, Matt created FitOps for veterans to thrive in their lives through fitness and purpose. [30:05]


  • Matt’s forthcoming book, The Purpose Blueprint is based on four pillars and looks to help veterans regulate themselves and to serve others. [37:53]


  • After completing the FitOps program, veterans become certified trainers and are alumni of the University of Health and Performance. [41:21]


  • Matt shares how to learn more about the scholarships available through FitOps or to apply at the University of Health and Performance. [48:47]

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