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#StillServing: The VFW Podcast

Nov 24, 2021

This summer was a tough time for many veterans who watched the evacuation of Afghanistan and the end of the war after 20 years. It was difficult for many veterans to deal with the feelings that surfaced as they watched everything unfold. To give those feelings an outlet, Host Rob Couture decided to give veterans a platform to share their perspectives of history, combat, and what life was like serving their country at a time of war. In this episode, he speaks with Tony Mayne, an Army Ranger who jumped into Afghanistan the month after 9/11 as the war in Afghanistan and the global war on terrorism began. Now retired, Tony is the Founder and CEO of the Ranger for Life program.


Tony Mayne, U.S. Army Retired Major — Founder & CEO, Ranger for Life

  • Tony recounts his journey from college to joining the Army Rangers. [2:29]

  • Immediately after graduating from PDLC, Tony discovered the country was going to war and he was going to Kandahar. [6:50]

  • A Kodak camera caused Tony more grief than any firefight. [17:07]

  • Tony describes the beginning of his unit’s deployment to Afghanistan. [21:17]

  • No one knew how long Operation Enduring Freedom would last. [36:33]

  • Tony went back to Afghanistan to execute government policy as a Public Affairs Officer. [43:25]

  • Watching the evacuation, Tony saw examples of the American spirit being alive and well. [49:23]

  • Tony describes the Ranger for Life program and how it assists the veteran community. [52:54]

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