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#StillServing: The VFW Podcast

Jan 6, 2021

A successful mission is never the result of just one person. Those who have served, as well as those currently serving, know that no one goes it alone. By applying the teamwork ethic, VFW and its partners have served veterans for over a hundred years. Trust is a key tenet in our quest to assist our brethren. When members of the VFW family reach out for help, no matter the issue, we offer varying means of support provided by our organization, partners, contributors, and volunteers.

During this episode of The VFW Podcast, Host Terrence Hayes chats with

Medal of Honor Recipient Army SGM Thomas Payne, who discusses his service to the nation, leading soldiers in today’s Army, and the events that resulted in him becoming our newest Medal of Honor recipient. Jesse James Dupree chats about joining forces with the VFW and the Unmet Needs Program that helps raise money for veterans and service members facing financial hardships. Army COL (ret.) George W. shares his personal

story of ruin, resilience, and redemption as a recovering alcoholic.


SGM, Thomas Payne —


  • Inspired by being born into a family of service and an innate sense of duty to serve his country, Thomas joined the U.S. military after 9/11/01. [2:01]

  • What it means to Thomas to be a leader of soldiers. [4:16]

  • Thomas describes the privilege of working with his teammates, receiving the Medal of Honor, and winning the Best Ranger Competition. [5:49]

  • Thomas’s advice for young leaders includes the three pillars of leadership and the importance of trust and relationships. [8:21]

Entertainer & VFW Supporter, Jesse James Dupree —

  • Terrence challenges Jesse with a game of Start One, Fire One, and Bench One. [12:00]

  • Jesse shares the story of how the chainsaw became part of Jesse and Jackyl’s famous live show. [15:59]

  • The many ways Jesse supports, raises funds, partners with, and brings awareness to the VFW organization. [20:02]

  • Jesse describes his plans to make 2021a year to remember at Sturgis with Harley Davidson and the VFW. [27:04]


Army COL (ret.), George W. —

  • George describes his journey through alcoholism, his denial, his road to recovery, his resilience, and why it is important to share recovery stories. [30:48]

  • The first step a person can take in helping a loved one overcome alcoholism and how Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) can help. [34:12]

  • George shares his role in building a foundation for functional recovery for the Armed Forces and veteran communities. [40:25]

  • Reaching out to AA is just a keystroke or phone call away. [43:34]


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