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#StillServing: The VFW Podcast

Dec 2, 2020

Chartered in 1899, the VFW is the oldest and most-experienced non-profit veterans service organization in the United States. Many people believe the VFW organization is funded by the Federal Government, but this is a common misconception. One of the ways the VFW offers the most comprehensive services to veterans is by collaborating with other veteran service organizations and maintaining good relationships with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Donations from individuals and corporate sponsorships are vital to our providing veterans with the grants and services they require. Please make your charitable donation to the VFW this holiday season.


During this episode of The VFW Podcast, Host Terrence Hayes chats with VFW Adjutant General Kevin Jones who speaks about the importance of giving during the holiday season and how the VFW utilizes the charitable dollars to help veterans, service members, and military families. And, VA Senior Advisor and Director of Community Engagement, Anthony Love talks about the Department of Veterans Affairs’ efforts to lower veteran homelessness nationwide. Then, Student Veterans of America President and CEO, Jared Lyon discusses the organization’s priorities and how student veterans can get involved in SVA on campuses and virtually.


VFW Adjutant General, Kevin Jones —


  • During COVID-19, Kevin is proud of the work his organization has done for meeting objectives while telecommuting. [1:53]


  • Why the VFW chose a podcast as a new communication tool. [3:00]


  • Donations are important. The VFW does not receive any assistance or aid from the Federal Government. [4:55]


  • Kevin explains what sets the VFW apart from other veterans service organizations. [6:55]


  • How to make a donation that will directly impact the lives of veterans. [12:29]


VA Senior Advisor and Director of Community Engagement, Anthony Love —


  • Anthony describes the varied definition of homelessness and shares what the American people can do to combat veteran homelessness right now. [19:04]


  • Steps veterans or friends of veterans can take if a veteran is in immediate need of housing. [22:39]


  • Anthony describes the role of the Department of Veterans Affairs in preventing and ending veterans’ homelessness. [23:34]


  • How the pandemic has changed the game when it comes to combating veteran homelessness. [26:54]


  • Resources to discover more about how the VA administration assists veterans. [30:18]


Student Veterans of America President & CEO, Jared Lyons —


  • Jared explains the mission of Student Veterans of America.  [34:28]


  • How veterans can connect and become involved with the Student Veterans of America on college campuses. [34:50]


  • Since 2016, research has driven the policy and advocacy of the SVA. [38:44]


  • Jared describes the tightly woven relationship between the SVA and the VFW. [43:17]


For more information or continue the conversation, please visit:


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Call 1-888-JOIN-VFW

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