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#StillServing: The VFW Podcast

Feb 3, 2021

In honor of Black History month, the VFW is highlighting veterans who made a difference during their service and continue to make a difference in their communities. The VFW donates to organizations that assist service members who have battled spoken and unspoken, systemic biases based on race, equity, and justice as well as other deserving causes.

During this episode of The VFW Podcast, Host Terrence Hayes chats with Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (ret.) Kaleth Wright about the many contributions African-Americans have made in our military and shares his experience while serving as we recognize African-American History Month. Internal Revenue Service Media Relations Officer, Karen Connelly shares how veterans and service members can prepare for the 2021 tax season. And Park University Associate Professor of History Dr. Timothy Westcott shares the amazing work The George S. Robb Centre for the Study of the Great War is doing in regards to the Valor Medals Review Project for minority service members.


Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (ret.) Kaleth Wright —

  • Kaleth joined the world's greatest Air Force on a whim, but now service means everything to him. [2:18]

  • Kaleth shares the African-Americans who made a significant impact on his life. [8:56]

  • Why leaders need to have conversations about systemic race, justice, equity, and bias issues to become better leaders. [10:35]

  • The advancement of females and minorities in positions of authority is well overdue. [15:35]


Internal Revenue Service Media Relations Officer, Karen Connelly —

  • The steps veterans can take to prepare to file taxes. [22:12]

  • Tax filing advice for deployed service members. [24:16]

  • Navigating 2020 taxes, including the Recovery Rebate form, the CARES Act, and SS tax deferment. [25:38]

  • What veterans can do to avoid being the victim of a tax fraud or scam. [27:08]

  • “A Closer Look” into the IRS. [33:10]


Park University Associate Professor of History, Dr. Timothy Westcott —

  • Dr. Westcott describes the process in which Park University reviews those denied Valor medals due to racial bias. [35:40]

  • The individuals involved with the Valor Medals Review Program and the role they play in the process. [40:31]

  • Dr. Westcott shares the heartbreaking and heartwarming aspects of the Valor Medals Review Program. [44:31]

  • How the 2019 VFW donation of $70,000 was used to recognize future Valor Medal recipients. [49:31]


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