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#StillServing: The VFW Podcast

Feb 17, 2021

The VFW organization helps veterans to thrive by keeping veterans informed, engaged, and educated about all the benefits and programs available to them and their families. This podcast highlights how additional financial and charitable donations are collected and utilized, unique programs for minority veterans, and how veterans can continue to be of service through medical research.

During this episode of The VFW Podcast, Host Terrence Hayes chats with Executive Director of the Center for Minority Veterans, Stephen Dillard who discusses the wonderful work his team does to ensure our minority veterans have the health care, benefits, and entitlements they have earned. Director of the VFW Foundation, Richard Potter, discusses the 25th anniversary of the foundation and what lies ahead as they continue to seek ways to best serve our amazing veterans, service members, and families. Drs. Chris O’Donnell, Chief of Cardiology and Director of the Center for Population Genomics, VA Boston Health Care System, and Phil Tsao, Assistant Chief of Staff for Precision Medicine and Director of the Palo Alto Epidemiology Research and Information Center for Genomics, discuss the All of Us Research Program and how this program helps ensure veterans are represented in this historic effort to speed up biomedical breakthroughs.


Executive Director for the Center for Minority Veterans, Stephen Dillard —


  • Stephen offers an overview of the Center for Minority Veterans and details the people served by the organization. [2:01]

  • How the VFW and Center for Minority Veterans collaborate. [5:22]

  • Information about the benefits available to minority veterans and their families. [6:50]

  • The Minority Veterans Advisory Committee consults and advises the Center for Minority Veterans. [10:48]

  • The Minority Benefits Summit is postponed due to COVID-19. [14:35]


Director of the VFW Foundation, Richard Potter —


  • Richard explains the creation and the purpose of the VFW Foundation. [17:26]

  • How the VFW Foundation and corporate sponsors support veterans and service members. [20:04]

  • The VFW Foundation has provided financial relief to VFW community posts during the COVID pandemic. [27:55]

  • The VFW Foundation is celebrating its 25th anniversary. [30:51]


Dr. Chris O’Donnell and Phil Tsao, Ph.D. —


  • Dr. O’Donnell shares the goals and accomplishments of the Precision Medicine Initiative. [36:36]

  • How veterans can join the All of Us program and how the program benefits veterans. [38:14]

  • Over 250,000 veterans participate in the ongoing All of Us program. [41:18]

  • The genetic feedback veterans receive from participating in the program. [43:02]


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